Top Headlines: Remington files for bankruptcy again, State forbids late night alcohol sales

U.S. gunmaker Remington files for bankruptcy again
Remington Arms Co. on Monday filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection for the second time in two years. The filing was made in the Northern District of Alabama. Remington relocated a major share of its manufacturing to a plant in Huntsville in 2015. — New York Times

Senate GOP coronavirus bill includes FBI headquarters money
A new Senate GOP coronavirus bill includes an unrelated White House demand for FBI headquarters money. A Trump plan to keep F.B.I. headquarters in downtown D.C. calls for the move of 2,300 staffers out of D.C., to Alabama, Idaho and West Virginia. — Washington Post

State seeks to dismiss suit challenging Alabama mask order
Lawyers for Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey on Monday asked a judge to dismiss a lawsuit challenging the legality of a statewide order to wear face coverings. Plaintiffs say the order was illegally adopted and deprives them of liberty. — Associated Press

Alabama ABC Board returns state to lockdown path
Alabama has forbidden sales of alcohol after 11 p.m., joining a growing number of states, such as California and Arizona, that initially reopened its restaurants and bars but since have placed further restrictions and, in some cases, have shut them down again. — Business Insider. — Business Insider

Mercedes-Benz is cutting at least 7 models from its U.S. lineup
At a dealer webinar last month, Automotive News learned that Mercedes-Benz will axe seven models from its U.S. lineup, including coupe and convertible versions of the C-Class. The C-Class line of the Mercedes plant in Tuscaloosa will soon shut down, according to a statement by Daimler CEO Ola Källenius, in a second quarter investor conference. — Business Insider

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Aerojet concentrates solid rocket motor work at Camden, Arkansas
Aerojet Rocketdyne has designated Camden, Arkansas as its “Center of Excellence” for solid rocket motors. The company’s Southern investments in recent years include Camden and an advanced manufacturing facility at Huntsville, Alabama. — Forbes

Highways now targets of racial protest: I-85 in Montgomery
Highways that bulldozed black neighborhoods are a new target of racial protests, including I-85, which Ralph Abernathy said would “destroy one of the best negro neighborhoods in the South.” — Pew Trusts

Alabama Accountability Act shortfall strains private schools
Alabama private schools and their students face academic uncertainty as a shortfall in scholarship money provided through the Alabama Accountability Act, as well as a potential drop in enrollment attributed to the virus crisis. — Montgomery Advertiser

Accounting measures for commerce on Mars
An accounting professor at the University of Alabama in Huntsville has published research on accounting innovations that will be required in the future of commercialized space ventures, including humans on Mars in the 2030s. — Newswise

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