Top Headlines: No plans for shelter in place, Waffle House closes 365 locations

Ivey: No plans so far for statewide shelter in place
Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey said Tuesday that she has no plans to issue a statewide “shelter in place” order to combat the coronavirus, although the state’s largest city has directed city residents to stay at home. Citing economic concerns, Ivey signaled a reluctance to join states including New York, California, Illinois and Louisiana that have ordered residents to stay home unless going out for food, medicine and essential services. – AP

Alabama agency unveils web page detailing COVID-19 resources
In these challenging times triggered by the novel coronavirus, the Alabama Department of Commerce wants you to stay informed. In collaboration with our state and federal partners, we have assembled a comprehensive list of resources related to the COVID-19 response to assist Alabama employers and workers. – Made In Alabama

Waffle House closing 365 locations due to virus
Waffle House has now closed 365 locations across the U.S. due to the coronavirus pandemic. The breakfast-chain announced the news on their Facebook page Tuesday morning. While more than 300 locations have closed, 1,627 remain open. In a Facebook post on March 15th, Waffle House said that they were attempting to keep their customers safe and keep nearly 45,000 employees employed. – WAFB

Del Marsh unsure legislators will be able to pass budgets
Alabama lawmakers are expected to be back in Montgomery March 31, but how long they’ll be able to work and what they’ll be able to do are in question. “I can’t say in the present situation we can pass budgets,” Senate President Pro Tem Del Marsh, R-Anniston, told Alabama Daily News on Monday. “The big question is, how long will this last? It’s one thing for a couple of weeks, It’s another if it lasts for months.” – AL Daily News

Grocery store boom isn’t helping some Alabama farmers
The seeds have already been planted and you can’t turn back nature. Alabama’s farmers are stuck in their own pandemic-fueled crisis. Some have harvest expenses on the horizon but fewer places to sell their crops. Grocery stores may be booming but Alabama farmers rely on restaurants, some now shuttered, and schools, closed for the semester to get by. –

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Facebook stock dips as company reports more traffic but less revenue
Facebook Inc. said late Tuesday that its business was being “adversely affected” by the COVID-19 pandemic as traffic has spiked and ad revenue has “weakened.” Facebook stock fell roughly 1% in the extended session. The company said in a blog post that while on the one hand its messaging products and other services are seeing increased traffic, the company does not generate revenue from “many of the services” that are seeing more use. – MarketWatch

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