Top Headlines: Hoover company rolls out fever detection product, Montgomery County receives dry-rotted masks

Hoover company rolling out fever detection technology to fight COVID-19
As COVID-19 continues to take lives and cause severe illness across the globe, X.Labs is working to enhance early detection methods with their new product FEEVR. According to the company, FEEVR uses FLIR thermal technology to detect the temperature of foreheads up to 10 feet. In the time it takes a person to scan one forehead, FEEVR does 10. – ABC3340

Banks say they are waiting on guidelines for small business loans
Banks are asking for more guidance from the U.S. Treasury as they get ready for thousands of businesses to tap into the government’s $349 billion small business loan stimulus plan. The Payroll Protection Plan, part of the $2 trillion package signed into law last week, addresses businesses shuttered by the coronavirus pandemic measures. –

Cruelly, even PowerBall payouts will be dropping now
Look for Powerball jackpots to get even smaller as the new coronavirus keeps more people at home, not out buying lottery tickets, officials said Thursday. It was only last week that the Powerball Product Group announced it would cut guaranteed jackpots in half and reduce the minimum amount the big prize could grow between drawings. On Thursday, the organization said it would toss out even those guarantees and instead decide new jackpots and increases prior to each drawing. – CBS

Feds send Montgomery County 5,000 dry-rotted medical masks
More than 5,000 medical masks that Montgomery County received from the national stockpile were rotted, the local emergency management director said Thursday. States and cities are receiving shipments from the National Strategic Stockpile to try to relieve shortages in medical equipment because of the COVID-19 outbreak. Christi Thornton, the city/county emergency management director, said the shipment of 5,880 procedure masks received last week were unusable because of dry rot. The masks had a 2010 expiration date, according to the city’s response to a survey by the U.S. Conference of Mayors. – Fox13

As usual, truckers are saving our bacon during difficult times
Truckin’ is an American tradition, the subject of Eddie Kendricks and Grateful Dead tunes, a Robert Crump cartoon character strutting confidently across the continent, and today an industry needed more than ever. Truckers transport a high percentage of almost every American product, a much larger amount than by any other means of pickup and delivery. Truck drivers work long hours in a perilous profession, where the danger level has ramped up because they must continue going on the road and into harm’s way. – AL NewsCenter

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Alabama will want its usual cut from your coronavirus check
Americans should start getting the Federal Government’s $1,200 stimulus payments in just a few weeks, but there’s a catch. You may be taxed on that relief money by the State of Alabama. When you get the check, it will be for the full amount. Come tax day 2021, it might be a different story. – NBC15

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