Top Headlines: China tariffs kick in, Alabama State Senate chaos

China tariffs kick in, world markets mostly steady
A global stock market sell-off started to ease on Friday despite the U.S. fulfilling a promise to ramp up tariffs on Chinese goods. The U.S. hiked tariffs from 10% to 25% on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods at 12:01 a.m. ET Friday. In response, Beijing said it “deeply regrets” the tariff hike and would take countermeasures — though no specifics were provided. – CNBC

Legislature’s abortion chaos gets nationwide media notice
The floor of the Alabama State Senate broke out into chaos on Thursday when Lt. Governor Will Ainsworth tried to rush approval of a motion removing rape and incest exceptions from a law that would outlaw all abortions, leading to the bill being tabled pending a vote next week. The law, HB314, would make it a class A felony for a doctor to perform an abortion, which carries a maximum penalty of 99 years in prison, and a class C felony to attempt an abortion. – Business Insider

‘Awe-inspiring’ Amazon center taking shape in Bessemer
Bo knows books. Auburn University great Bo Jackson was one of several people Thursday who took a special tour of Amazon’s new fulfillment center, under construction and set to open next year in Bessemer. And like the city’s legendary famous son, online retail mammoth Amazon looks for the robotic hub to do many things with speed, force and excellence. “It’s impressive,” Jackson said. “Bessemer needs it.” –

Companies fired up in anticipation of dealing medical marijuana
Instead of a gold rush, it’s a green rush. The kind of green you spend and consume. In a 17 to 6 vote the Alabama Senate passed the medical marijuana bill Thursday, several businesses were already looking to cash in on the legislation. And as of Thursday night, seven companies filed applications to start cannabis-based businesses in Alabama; one of the companies is in Boston. – WBRC

Police respond to shooting near ACIPCO plant
Birmingham police are investigating an early-morning shooting near the ACIPCO plant. Police say one person was shot and was transported to the hospital, but that person’s condition is unknown. ACIPCO is located on 16th Street, but the exact location of the shooting is not known. ACIPCO, or AMERICAN Cast Iron Pipe Company, is a 24-hour plant, so there were employees present at the time. Most of the activity on the scene is around the plant’s entrance. – WBRC

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Feds may be looking into state’s latest lottery moves, based on this
A whole group of Alabama lawmakers turned down the opportunity to vote on a bill sponsored by Sen. Jim McClendon that would have brought in hundreds of millions more in revenue for the state in favor of a bill that brings in a tiny fraction and protects the monopoly of a sovereign entity that pays nothing in state taxes. Instead of $500 million annually and the opportunity to bolster our education system in the state, we’re going to rake in about $150 million with half going into a savings account and not a penny going for education. – Alabama Political Reporter

3 Birmingham complexes sell in $93.5 million deal
Cushman & Wakefield have announced one of the largest multifamily property sales in the Birmingham area over the last five years – a $93.5 million sale of three properties totaling 1,816 units. In an unrelated deal, the firm also announced the sale of three Hoover multifamily properties. –

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