Top Headlines: BCA, BBA set 2020 legislative agendas, Huntsville downtown developments roll on

BCA, BBA set out legislative agendas for 2020
The Business Council of Alabama and the Birmingham Business Alliance have each officially approved their 2020 legislative agendas. Both contain a number of tax and economic development/tax incentives-related proposals. The 2020 regular session, which convenes February 4, is shaping up to be a busy one. – JD Supra

Cullman’s Christmas thingamajig gets New York Times attention
At 30 feet tall, the wooden Christmas centerpiece stands out in downtown Cullman, Ala. Carved figures of snowmen, angels, nutcracker soldiers and early settlers peek out from each level. At night when lit by electric candles, the structure glows like a cake topper in photos. It’s a Weihnachtspyramide, or Christmas pyramid, in German, and a nod by local officials to the city’s roots and the holiday season when it was recently unveiled. – New York Times

The dizzying pace of Huntsville’s downtown development rolls on
If Monroe Street had eyes, if the road that separates Big Spring Park from the Von Braun Center could describe what it has seen, you probably wouldn’t believe it. Just this year alone, the downtown Huntsville road has seen one new hotel open, construction begin on another, a third hotel announce plans for construction and a dramatic expansion ongoing at the VBC itself. And if Monroe Street could speak, it might say something like, “You ain’t seen nothing yet.” –

Alabama women sue after being barred from Orlando strip club
A lawsuit over women’s right to enter strip clubs unaccompanied by men is making Florida cities and counties worry about the future of their local civil rights laws. An Orlando-area strip club denied two Alabama women access because its policy required women to enter with men to prevent domestic incidents, prostitution and distractions of male clients, the Orlando Sentinel reports. The women sued, arguing Rachel’s club had violated the county’s human rights ordinance, which protects against discrimination on factors including gender. – AP

Huntsville voters overwhelmingly approve school tax continuation
Voters in the city of Huntsville on Tuesday overwhelmingly approved the continuation of a tax for schools. Election results show 92 percent of voters (or 4,970) cast ballots for the tax, and 8 percent (or 453) against it. The vote reaffirms a 15.5 mills property tax, the proceeds of which go to Huntsville schools. – WAAY

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New Ford strategy to ‘decontent’ vehicles may just stick it to buyers
Last week Automotive News got some quotes from Ford Motor Company CEO Jim Hackett about his “decontenting” strategy, which was pitched as a way to help make vehicles more affordable. But it sounds to me like consumers are just going to end up paying more for basic options. – Jalopnik

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