Thousand-Year High Water Specialists

With offices spread around the Southeast, Alabama-based disaster recovery company CrowderGulf moved quickly in early October to remove thousands of tons of household and construction debris deposited by historic flooding in South Carolina.

CrowderGulf worked with the South Carolina Department of Transportation, as well as Lexington and Richland counties, to move the debris out within seven days of deployment, according to CrowderGulf officials.

The “thousand-year flood, ” as some called it, brought a surge of water 8 feet deep to heavily populated subdivisions of Lexington County. Areas of Richland County, such as Forest Acres and Arcadia Lakes, shared a similar plight when a number of dams failed, unleashing a series of local ponds and lakes. “It’s finally starting to look like a street again, ” one Coldstream subdivision resident remarked to company workers. “Before you guys came, it literally looked like a war zone.” 

CrowderGulf, based in Theodore, in Mobile County, has completed more than 300 disaster recovery projects across the United States.    

Text by Dave Helms

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