The Quest to Make (and Brand) A Better Paint Can

Build a better paint can and you may still need someone to help convince folks that you’ve done exactly that.

Last September, Montgomery-based Copperwing Brands partnered up with KW Container of Troy, a leading supplier of all-plastic, one-gallon paint containers, to help introduce what became known as TruSnap, the company’s new container with an unlimited resealable lid. The specially treated lid helped protect against skinning, in which a poor container seal compromises the color and protective elements of the paint or stain.

The plan was for the new product to be introduced seven months later at the American Coatings Show in Indianapolis. It was a successful effort.

“We worked side by side with them to help them launch, ” said Copperwing Creative Director Angela Stiff, a partner with the branding firm. “We had lots of discovery meetings to understand all aspects of the product, what made it special and unique. We ended up offering naming solutions for the product, the logo, the look and a communications plan. It was very collaborative and they were a great group to work with.” 

Best of all, the team at Copperwing clearly believed in the product that they helped market.

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“It really is the future of containers, ” Stiff says. “It’s been fascinating to learn all the different aspects of what goes into it.”

Text by Dave Helms

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