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What was once on the site that will be Heritage Landing?

AlaBiz Quiz - November 2022

1) NOVEMBER 2022: Ken Jackson, a professor at the University of South Alabama, served as the historical advisor for a new documentary. What is the name of the prize-winning film?(Required)
2) OCTOBER 2022 (one month ago): Walker County is teaming with Drummond Company, the City of Dora and several state agencies to develop Heritage Landing. What used to be on the site?(Required)
3) NOVEMBER 2021 (one year ago): After three years planning and building, a major new industrial plant opened in North Alabama. What is it?(Required)
4) NOVEMBER 2017 (five years ago): We highlighted a dozen Alabama researchers -- among them Arthur Tipton, then president of Southern Research; Lawrence DeLucas, retired optometry professor at UAB; Gary Piazza, then chief of drug discovery at USA Health Mitchell Cancer Institute -- who are all members of one prestigious organization. What organization?(Required)
5) NOVEMBER 2012 (10 years ago): Raytheon was demonstrating a new technique at its Missile Integration Facility at Redstone Arsenal, after several years convincing the agency it was safe. What was it?(Required)
6) NOVEMBER 1997 (25 years ago): Business Alabama reported on the 1996 A.M. Best insurance statistics. One company led the list of insurers in homeowners, private passenger auto liability and commercial multi-peril. What company?(Required)

This quiz appeared in the November 2022 issue of Business Alabama.

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