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Baldwin County’s mega site. What was it missing until recently?

AlaBiz Quiz - May 2022

1) MAY 2022: The South Alabama Mega Site in northern Baldwin County boasts 2,300 developable acres and approaching $12.5 million in improvements. What was it missing until May?(Required)
2) APRIL 2022 (one month ago): Josh Carpenter has taken the helm of a key Birmingham biotech organization that is growing to help prevent disruption from further pandemics. Which organization is it?(Required)
3) MAY 2021 (one year ago): As Amazon workers voted whether to unionize, workers at another Alabama company went on strike. Which company?(Required)
4) MAY 2017 (five years ago): A former Crimson Tide defensive lineman followed teammates Richard Todd and Joe Namath in their football careers and on into the hospitality business, where he's found success in South Alabama with everything from chicken fingers to fine dining. Who is he?(Required)
5) MAY 2012 (10 years ago): Today, Alabama has a Department of Commerce, headed by Secretary of Commerce Greg Canfield. Before 2012, what was that office called?(Required)
6) MAY 1997 (25 years ago): John C. Adams was head of an Alabama-born company that boasted $1.24 billion in sales the previous year -- before adding popular shoes and socks to its lineup. What was the company?(Required)

This quiz appeared in the May 2022 issue of Business Alabama.

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