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Where did Jefferson County, which includes Birmingham, rank in the 2020 census?

AlaBiz Quiz - June 2022

1) JUNE 2022: At the turn of the year, the state announced the A-USA Rail project, linking the Port of Mobile to inland ports and logistics hubs. Which railroad is a key partner in the plan?(Required)
2) MAY 2022 (one month ago): Only one bank serving Mobile is headquartered there. Which one is it?(Required)
3) JUNE 2021 (one year ago): Data from the 2020 census was announced, changing the population ranking for Alabama counties. What is the new ranking for the top five?(Required)
4) JUNE 2017 (five years ago): Hyundai has become a watchword of Alabama industry, as one of the state's premier automakers. Also in Montgomery is another manufacturing plant bearing the Hyundai name. What does the other Hyundai make?(Required)
5) JUNE 2012 (10 years ago): John Nichols of Samantha set a new world record in 2012. What for?(Required)
6) JUNE 1997 (25 years ago): Business Alabama featured basic advice for businesses just getting started in a new trend. What was the trend?(Required)

This quiz appeared in the June 2022 issue of Business Alabama.

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