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What is one thing that Alabama’s Lonnie Johnson is known for?

AlaBiz Quiz - April 2024

1) APRIL 2024: Researchers at the University of Alabama are looking for ways to extend the useable lifespan of an important new product that could otherwise inundate landfills with a potential for hazardous waste. What product?(Required)
2) MARCH 2024 (one month ago): Lonnie Johnson was one of those honored for lifetime achievement by Business Alabama Magazine. Among his many inventions is one found in many a household with children. What is it?(Required)
3) APRIL 2023 (one year ago): We reported on the end of a lengthy strike at one of Alabama’s coal companies. Which company?(Required)
4) APRIL 2019 (five years ago): Emma arrived at UAB. She weighed 90 tons, traveled from Germany by ship, then from Georgia on a special 20-axle, 78-wheel truck and was lifted by crane into her 4th Avenue South home. What is Emma?(Required)
5) APRIL 2014 (10 years ago): The Alabama Tourism Department ranked the biggest draws among admission-charging attractions. These are the top four – which of them topped the list?(Required)
6) APRIL 1999 (25 years ago): Bessie Ford, for many years our politics and government columnist, wrote about a hot topic between the governor, the legislature and the voters. What topic? Hint: it’s still a hot topic today.(Required)
This quiz appeared in the April 2024 issue of Business Alabama.

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