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What was the name of the campaign that opened Alabama’s craft-beer marketplace?

AlaBiz Quiz - July 2022

1) JULY 2022: A brand new hospital in Alabama is in jeopardy because of a fluke that left it and two other hospitals in the country handling COVID-19 cases but ineligible for federal relief funding. Where is the hospital?(Required)
2) JUNE 2022 (one month ago): Alabama heavily restricted sales of craft beers until about 2009. What was the name of the campaign to open the craft beer marketplace?(Required)
3) JULY 2021 (one year ago): In the heart of the pandemic, the federal government threw a lifeline to business. What was it called?(Required)
4) JULY 2017 (five years ago): A new star began to rise in Alabama's Gulf Coast entertainment zone. What was it?(Required)
5) JULY 2012 (10 years ago): Bob Baron launched his career as a disc jockey in New Mexico and developed a love for broadcast but honed in on a very specific element of the broadcast field. What was the specialty he developed on-air and grew as a private company in Huntsville?(Required)
6) JULY 1997 (25 years ago): Alabama was celebrating the dawn of its automotive era, when Mercedes-Benz U.S. International debuted in Vance in May, ready to produce M-Class SUVs. Shortly thereafter, the ML 320 made its movie debut in what film?(Required)

This quiz appeared in the July 2022 issue of Business Alabama.

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