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Where are Alabama’s renowned whitewater rapids?

AlaBiz Quiz - December 2023

1) DECEMBER 2023: An Alabama city is partnering with a neighbor in the next state on a river whitewater project. What two cities?(Required)
2) NOVEMBER 2023 (one month ago): Developer Patrick Lawler has returned to his Alabama roots to develop waterfront destinations. Where is the first project, called City Harbor?(Required)
3) DECEMBER 2022 (one year ago): Manna Capital Partners announced a $600 million investment to create a beverage park to be owned and operated by Manna Beverages and Ventures. Which city will be home to the new beverage park?(Required)
4) DECEMBER 2018 (five years ago): An Alabama landmark reopened in late 2018, after extensive storm damage had forced it to be rebuilt. What landmark?(Required)
5) DECEMBER 2013 (10 years ago): Late in 2013, an Alabama business welcomed its 10 millionth customer. What business?(Required)
6) DECEMBER 1998 (25 years ago): Alabama had a new governor, described by one business leader as “a true chief executive officer compared to some armadillo wandering around the countryside.” Who was the newly elected governor?(Required)
This quiz appeared in the December 2023 issue of Business Alabama.

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