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Who is Auburn University’s college of business named after?

AlaBiz Quiz - August 2023

1) AUGUST 2023: A Supreme Court ruling a couple of years back now allows college athletes to receive compensation for advertising, endorsements and similar options. What's the common acronym for this?(Required)
2) JULY 2023 (one month ago): The Mobile County Health Department uses farmyard animals as sentinels against mosquito-borne illness, which has long been a bane to Gulf Coast living. What kind of animals?(Required)
3) AUGUST 2022 (one year ago): Officials in South Alabama unveiled plans for a major new piece of infrastructure -- one that's been buzzed about for a decade or more but finally began inching toward reality. What is it?(Required)
4) AUGUST 2018 (five years ago): In the spring of 2018, the 27-acre site of the former Trinity Steel found a new tenant, bringing a major investment in a new type of business for Birmingham. What kind of business?(Required)
5) AUGUST 2013 (10 years ago): Auburn's college of business got a $40 million donation and a new name. For whom was it named?(Required)
6) AUGUST 1998 (25 years ago): In our annual look at public companies, we introduced "The Millionaire's Club" of Alabama public company CEOs earning more than $1 million in compensation. These are the top four -- which one topped the list with annual compensation of $13 million?(Required)

This quiz appeared in the August 2023 issue of Business Alabama.

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