Take the August 2021 AlaBiz Quiz

Challenge yourself with these Alabama business-related puzzlers from the past.

Matthew Dent is CEO of Buffalo Rock.

Alabiz Quiz - August 2021

1) AUGUST 2021: After more than a century, an Alabama community bank is transforming itself into a public company, headed for listing on the NASDAQ index. Which bank?(Required)
2) JULY 2021: One of Alabama’s largest private companies, Buffalo Rock, makes its fortunes in the soda pop market. What flavor was its first success?(Required)
3) AUGUST 2020: One of Alabama’s public companies helped health providers combat the virus crisis by donating record-keeping software. Which company?(Required)
4) AUGUST 2016: One Alabama city is famous for producing fishing products – from wiggly worm lookalikes to sophisticated fish-finding electronics. What city?(Required)
5) AUGUST 2011: A Sylacauga plant, nurtured by former Gov. Braxton Bragg Comer, grew to 7,000 employees just after World War II but fell victim first to international competition, then to a chemical-spewing train wreck and finally to fire in 2011. What’s the name of the company?(Required)
6) AUGUST 1996: Birmingham’s two newspapers, working under a joint operating agreement, made a big switch. What was it?(Required)


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