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Samford and Tuskegee Partner on Accelerated Program

Samford University’s Cumberland School of Law and Tuskegee University have partnered to offer Tuskegee undergraduates an accelerated bachelor’s to juris doctorate program. The 3+3...

Tuskegee Researchers Patent New Water Cleaning System

A U.S. patent for an innovative water filtration system design has been awarded to Tuskegee University researchers in the College of Engineering and the...

Tuskegee U. Donors Furnish Prime Care with PPE

Tuskegee University recently did its part to protect local health care workers on the front line of the COVID-19 crisis. University leaders and faculty pulled...

Reprogrammed Peptides Kill Cancer in Animal Tests

Researchers at Tuskegee University are reprogramming immune cells to kill cancer and halt tumor growth. Cancerous tumors evade detection and boost their own growth by...

Document Donation Makes Tuskegee an African Studies Research Destination

After a nationwide race with other historically black schools, Tuskegee University has been chosen to receive one of the country’s largest collections of African...

Marshall Space Flight Center Award Credits Tuskegee U. Team

Tuskegee University is the recipient of the Small Business Subcontractor of the Year award from NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center. A first for the...

Tuskegee Researchers Find Promising Way of Capturing Carbon Dioxide

Scientists working at Tuskegee University have found a bio-based material that shows promise for capturing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere — a more immediate solution to climate change than revamping land and forestry usage or geo-engineering.

Auburn, Tuskegee at the Forefront of Supply Chain Management

In today’s technological world, moving raw materials or goods between locations has become easier with radio frequency identification (RFID). A partnership between Tuskegee University’s...

Angelia Walker’s Surprise Opportunity Led to Three Decades with NASA

A surprise call from NASA in 1987 changed Angelia Walker’s life. The Phenix City native was starting her first semester at Columbia Theological Seminary...

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