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Opelika auto supplier plans $46.2 million expansion

Automotive supplier Daewon America Inc. has announced plans for a $46.2 million expansion in Opelika, adding 100 jobs.

Hanwha Solutions sets to work on Shell hydrogen refueling infrastructure

High-pressure tanks from the Hanwha Cimarron facility in Opelika will support California’s effort to decarbonize its energy use.

Global K9 Protection Group-Aviation Service gets $11 million DoD contract

Global K9 Protection Group-Aviation Service LLC, in Opelika, has received an $11.3 million contract from the Army for canine handler training.

Bonnie Plants opens Opelika headquarters

Alabama plant grower Bonnie Plants opened its new headquarters in Opelika Friday. Its greenhouse operations continue in Union Springs.

Bonnie Plants Moves to Opelika

Bonnie Plants Inc. has broken ground on a new corporate headquarters in Opelika, bringing 60 jobs to the community and investing $7.9 million. As part...

Opportunity Zone Lands Business Park Investment, Opelika

A new business park is being developed in Opelika in one of the state’s new Opportunity Zones. Developed by Hillstone Advantage Partners LLC, of Chattanooga,...

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