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Spotlight: Limestone and Morgan counties

These two north central Alabama counties are home to a variety of industries, recreational opportunities and other amenities.

Spotlight on Limestone & Morgan: Economic Engines

Aerospace and aviation, metals, chemicals, automotive and more make up Limestone and Morgan counties' economies.

Spotlight on Limestone & Morgan: Movers & Shapers

The individuals who help shape the communities in Limestone and Morgan counties, including Jacob Ladner, CEO of Thirdmark Capital.

Spotlight on Limestone & Morgan: Community Development

These two counties are building several new residential developments, making improvements to schools and more.

Spotlight on Limestone & Morgan: Culture & Recreation

Museums, historic places, trails and wildlife attract visitors to the area.

Decatur, 3M reach $98M settlement in chemical fray

3M Co. has reached a settlement with the City of Decatur, Morgan County and Decatur Utilities in a long-running lawsuit over effects of per-...

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