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Spotlight: Montgomery County

Home to Alabama's Capitol, Montgomery County continues to innovate, attracting new businesses and technology while acknowledging the past.

Spotlight on Montgomery County: Economic Engines

Automotive manufacturers, technology innovations, state government and tourist attractions all merge to create a vibrant ecosystem in Montgomery.

Spotlight on Montgomery County: Movers & Shapers

The individuals who help shape the communities of Montgomery County, including Melvin Brown, superintendent of Montgomery Public Schools.

Spotlight on Montgomery County: Higher Education

Eight institutions of higher learning provide certificate and degree options for area residents, including Faulkner University.

Spotlight on Montgomery County: Community Development

Anchored by state government, Montgomery County has increased its emphasis on restaurants, retail and tourism attractions.

Spotlight on Montgomery County: Culture & Recreation

State Capitol, civil rights, arts, outdoor festivals and more provide residents and visitors with entertainment options.

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