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Toyota Corolla Cross

Toyota, Honda tout new products

Toyota offers an in-depth look at the Corolla Cross, the first vehicle under construction at the firm’s new joint venture facility, Mazda Toyota Manufacturing in Huntsville and slated to reach dealers in October.

Mazda Toyota Manufacturing unveils first vehicle in production

Mazda Toyota Manufacturing has unveiled the first vehicle in its production lineup — the all-new Toyota Corolla Cross — on the heels of Toyota’s...

Mazda Toyota Manufacturing Moving Closer to Opening

August 2020 — before ever opening its doors — Mazda Toyota Manufacturing (MTM) announced that it would increase its investment in its North Alabama...

Year in Review: Business Dominated By Everything But Business

2020 wasn’t all about COVID-19, though you (and your psyche) might think otherwise. Yes, the pandemic dominated the business landscape, with unemployment burgeoning, employers doing...

Mazda Toyota Update: New Logo, New Employees

Mazda Toyota Manufacturing, the joint venture between Mazda Motor Corp. and Toyota Motor Corp. located in Huntsville, has hired more than 750 people, while...

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