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Spotlight: Chilton County

The peach capital of the state, Chilton County has a significant agriculture sector but also industrial sites, three exits on I-65 and much more.

Spotlight on Chilton County: Culture & Recreation

Festivals, farms and parks take center stage in Chilton County, including Heaton Pecan Farm.

Spotlight on Chilton County: Community Development

Improvements to downtown areas and parks are underway in Chilton County, including at Higgins Ferry Park.

Spotlight on Chilton County: Movers & Shapers

The individuals who help shape the communities of Chilton County, including Rachel Martin, executive director of the Chilton County Chamber.

Spotlight on Chilton County: Economic Engines

Chilton County has industries ranging from automotive and metals suppliers to wood products. Also, improvements are underway at the airport.

Chilton County embraces its fuzzy fruit

Growing peaches has become big business in Chilton County, with farmers markets, festivals and books being some of the examples.

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