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Autocar Truck Plant in Birmingham will produce zero-emission trucks using GM fuel cells

Birmingham’s Autocar Truck Plant will begin producing zero-tailpipe-emission trucks in partnership with General Motors beginning in 2026

Autocar celebrates 124 years in operation

North America’s oldest truck brand, Autocar, is celebrating its 124th year of manufacturing. The company that currently makes Class 7 and Class 8 severe-duty vocational...

Autocar launches new model of DC-64D

Autocar LLC has launched its latest reimagined severe-duty vocational truck, the DC-64D, a dump model built from the ground up and engineered to incorporate...

Autocar Launches Severe-duty Trash Hauler

Autocar recently announced it would start building the DC-64R, a new severe-duty truck designed specifically for refuse applications, starting later this summer.

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