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Rural Studios at Twenty: Chronicles of the Company Through the Years

It came into being, according to one of the founders, because architects had become “lapdogs of the rich” who needed to learn how to...

Airbus Branding: How Airbus Rebranded to Improve Their Image

Branding is a focus of this month’s Business Alabama, and we need look no further than Airbus Group for a lesson in the science...

Montgomery Metamorphosis: Downtown Montgomery Revival

Downtown Montgomery looks to be on the verge of a revival with forward-thinking brothers Golson and John Foshee helping foster historic Dexter Avenue redevelopment...

Remington Outdoor Co.: Directing Rapid Gun Growth

George Kollitides is chairman and CEO of Remington Outdoor Co. Inc., the world’s largest firearms and ammunition manufacturer and Alabama’s most recent big coup...

Mercedes C-Class Sedan: Mercedes Production Line Dance

They were literally dancing on the floor of the Mercedes-Benz assembly plant in Vance on June 18. With the infectious Pharrell Williams’ song “Happy”...

Walmart Management: A Graduate of the Walmart School of Hard Knocks

Walmart, the biggest employer in the United States with a workforce of nearly 2.2 million people, didn’t have to look far to fill management...

Manufacturing Low Grades on ‘Human Capital’: Alabama Lowest GRADE

Alabama’s manufacturing and logistics report card arrived in June, and — while we didn’t really ace any of the subjects — we at least...

Alabama's Best Large Employer: Gray Construction

Shared Success Rings the Bell If you’re a devotee of the Christmas classic “It’s a Wonderful Life, ” you might think of angel...

Best Companies Group Evaluates Companies to Work for in Alabama 2014

Employees and employers across the state graded their companies on policies and programs. The verdict: Money doesn’t always talk

Alabama’s Best Small-Medium Employer: Southern States Bank

Appreciation Beyond Good Compensation A full-service community bank, Southern States Bank specializes in business lending and banking services for small- to medium-sized companies, business owners...

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