Best Companies Group Evaluates Companies to Work for in Alabama 2014

Employees and employers across the state graded their companies on policies and programs. The verdict: Money doesn’t always talk

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Employees like open communications, the feeling that they can make suggestions and be heard, and the knowledge that their job makes a difference to the company and the communities in which they take part.

The Pennsylvania-based Best Companies Group recently evaluated responses from companies across Alabama who believed their businesses are among the best to work for.

Based on the surveys of both employees and employers, Best Companies Group has released a list of winners.

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Employers are asked to provide basics about their company, such as average salaries for exempt and non-exempt employees, the number of new jobs created, layoffs and voluntary departures by staff members, benefit plans, percentage of health care paid for by the company and vacation, sick and personal day policies.

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The company also answers questions on topics like incentives, community service initiatives, fitness facilities, telecommuting, business dress and training.

Employees take a shorter survey, ranking their reactions to statements such as, “The leaders of this organization are open to input from employees, ” or “Safety is a top priority with this organization.”

Employees are asked about benefits, plans for staying with the company and whether they would recommend the company to a friend.

Employees also have open-ended questions that cover such ground as “What makes this a good place to work” and “What would you do to make working here more satisfying?”

The results of the survey go back to the businesses, so company officials can compare their results — based on anonymous surveys of employees and leaders — to benchmarks for the region and make sure managers and employees are on the same wavelength.

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