Super Doppler Security Radar Gets a Vegas Rollout

GroundAware CS4, the newest version of Dynetics’ reconfigurable surveillance radar, was unveiled last month in Las Vegas at ISC West, billed as the largest security trade show in the United States.

GroundAware solves a major problem for places with large footprints that need watching over, such as airports, power generation facilities and prisons. Its digital, beam-forming pulse Doppler S-band radar detects intrusions as they occur and alerts on potential ground-based threats. The radar’s sensitivity allows it to distinguish specific potential threats, whether they be humans, animals, vehicles or aircraft, beyond a range of 3.5 kilometers and across a 120-degree field of view.

The new Dynetics radar enables security operators to spot intrusions from longer ranges, respond to potential threats based on greater real-time intelligence and easily integrate GroundAware with other security assets. With this integration, GroundAware instantaneously directs a number of responses, including the cuing and slewing of cameras to track intruders, triggering of security lights to flood an intrusion area and pushing alarm data to a police dispatching system. 

The long-range surveillance capacity eliminates the need for a dozen or more short-range sensors to cover areas of equivalent size. As a result, surveillance coverage costs less than $60 per acre with GroundAware and less than $3 per linear foot of perimeter, according to the company.

Dynetics, based in Huntsville, works in national security, cybersecurity, satellite, launch, automotive and critical infrastructure sectors. It employs about 1, 500 people.

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Text by Dave Helms

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