StrategyWise Acquired but Team Stays in Birmingham

Joshua Jones, founder and former CEO of StrategyWise, is now vice president of marketing innovation for E Source.

StrategyWise, a Birmingham startup that specializes in data science and artificial intelligence consulting, has been acquired by E Source, a Colorado-based data science and consulting firm.

The algorithms developed by big data and data science firm StrategyWise touch on transactions performed by 20 million Americans annually, the firm says.

Now E Source, which provides data science, research and consulting services for more than two-thirds of the electric, gas and water utilities in the U.S. and Canada, has acquired the Birmingham firm to tap its data science and AI capabilities.

The acquisition becomes official as of October 1.

Utilities are a prime market for data science and AI services, says Joshua Jones, who founded StrategyWise and served as CEO. “The utility industry is primed for the types of innovation that machine-learning and AI can offer,” Jones said. “We’re seeing utilities ranging from smaller municipality-owned entities all the way to the largest in the country leveraging new machine-learning tools that are going to really change the way they do business.”

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Though E Source is based in Colorado, the 15-person StrategyWise team will stay in Birmingham, Jones said, providing a Southeastern hub for the acquiring firm.

Founded in 2103, StrategyWise had been identified as one of the nation’s fastest-growing firms.

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