St. Vincent’s Starts Suburban Surgery

The first surgery completed at St. Vincent’s One Nineteen outpatient center — a bone anchored hearing aid implant — was one of the first such procedures to be done in Shelby County.

Otologist Dr. Grayson Rodgers performed the first surgery on patient Gregg Smith. The bone anchored hearing aid implant helps patients with hearing loss who are not candidates for a traditional hearing aid. Unlike most hearing aids, the BAHA transmits sound waves through the bones in the skull to stimulate the cochlea — completely bypassing the outer and middle ear.

As part of the overall St. Vincent’s One Nineteen expansion, the surgery center has been planned since St. Vincent’s One Nineteen was built almost 10 years ago.

It offers a range of same-day surgical procedures, which could include general surgery, ophthalmology, orthopedics, podiatry, plastic surgery, pain management, ENT and gynecology. The Surgery Center includes four operating rooms and two procedure rooms.

“It’s always been our vision to offer our community outpatient surgery at St. Vincent’s One Nineteen, and today we make that vision a reality, ” said Stephanie Holderby, executive director for St. Vincent’s One Nineteen and vice president of operations for the St. Vincent’s Ambulatory Healthcare Network. 

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The Daughters of Charity founded St. Vincent’s Health System in 1898. Since then, it has grown to include a regional network of healthcare services and facilities.

Text by Dave Helms

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