Spring Hill College offers tuition-free graduate degree to incoming freshmen

The new program could shift the way students pursue higher education

Spring Hill College Health Sciences students.

Spring Hill College, in Mobile, will offer to all incoming freshmen a tuition-free graduate degree as part of its mission to provide affordable and accessible education.

“As an institution actively supporting the goals and ambitions of those who seek more from life, we are excited to help students transition from the classroom to the real world with a tuition-free graduate degree in their field,” said Dr. Nathan Copeland, vice president of advancement and admissions at Spring Hill College.

The initiative includes a wide array of graduate programs, from business and health care to the arts and sciences. Spring Hill College is also committed to offering a comprehensive selection of new and well-established graduate degrees.

Dr. Mary Van Brunt, Spring Hill College president.

“We believe every student should have the opportunity to pursue their dreams and unlock their full potential. With this initiative, we are doubling down on the value structure of higher education,” said Dr. Mary Van Brunt, president of Spring Hill College.

Spring Hill College is the oldest Catholic college in the Southeast and the third oldest Jesuit college in the U.S. The college is actively exploring partnerships with local and national organizations to provide internships, collaborations and real-world experiences to students, further enhancing their career prospects.

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