SoilKit Testing Supplies Now Available Through BFG Supply

SoilKit provides specific suggestions to improve soil quality.

SoilKit, which provides prompt soil analysis so that gardeners and landscapers can tailor solutions to the needs of their specific soil, will now be available more widely in brick-and-mortar stores through BFG Supply Co.

SoilKit is made by AgriTech, based in Foley. Adding BFG to its distribution network expands ready access to 26 states in the East and Midwest.

“BFG Supply is very excited to offer SoilKit to our customer base and we believe it fills a void in the soil testing category,” said BFG lawn and garden category manager Shawn Parsons. “By offering consumers a professional soil analysis with a list of recommended products that are customized to the products found in their local garden center, SoilKit adds real value by supporting consumers and their local independent retailers. ”

AgriTech explains the value in a media statement: “Whereas traditional soil testing involves trips to a county extension office, unexpected shipping fees and interpreting complicated test results, SoilKit gives access to the same lab-based chemical analysis as the largest and most advanced farms in the country with added accessibility: SoilKit’s technology interprets your plot’s unique soil chemistry and recommends amendments to increase growth, health and resilience in whatever you’re growing.”

In its BFG partnership, SoilKit will recommend specific nutrients and fertilizers available at BFG locations, so customers can find what they need at a convenient location.

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“We’re thrilled to be a part of the BFG family now,” said SoilKit founder Christina Woerner McInnis. “We love what they’re doing for landscapers, gardeners and growers and I’m delighted they believe in providing accessible soil testing for everyone. With BFG’s distribution, we’re able to help even more people grow the lawn and garden of their dreams.”

Based in Baldwin County, AgriTech as an agricultural data processing and software company provides easy soil sampling tools and provides results within about 48 hours of receipt at its lab, offering specific recommendations for optimizing soil quality.

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