Shares Top Pet Names in Birmingham


It’s nearly bedtime and you’re out on the porch calling your dog, who’s reluctant to come in — chances are you’re hollering for Max or Bella or Charlie or Luna.

That’s the word on dog names from pet care service provider, which links care givers with pet owners for services from pet sitting and dog walking to grooming and doggy day care.

Using data from its nationwide network of pet caregivers around the country, Seattle-based has compiled the top pet names for the nation and a localized list for Birmingham.

Tops around the country for female dogs: Bella, Luna, Lucy and Daisy, while Max, Charlie, Cooper and Buddy top the list for male dogs. For cats, Luna, Bella and Kitty top the list.

In Birmingham, male dogs are most likely named Max, Charlie, Cooper, Tucker or Winston, while female favorites are Bella, Lucy, Sadie, Luna and Sophie.

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Top Birmingham cat names are Oliver, Max, Sam, Finn and Smokey, while female favorites are Kitty, Lucy, Bella, Chloe and Sophie.

And around PMT Publishing offices in Mobile and Birmingham, where we publish Business Alabama, Mobile Bay Magazine, Birmingham Home & Garden, Southern Automotive Alliance and more, here are our favorite pet names:

For dog girls: Pepper, Lily, Lulu, Julep, Daisy, Bella, Riley, Jacks, Opossum and Oreo.

For dog boys: Jonah, Ollie, Charlie, Bucky, Moses, Percy, Dollar and Henry.

And if we’re calling a cat: Willie and Grace. But as we all know, why bother to call the cat.

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