Ranks and Ratings

Alabama ranks 10th when it comes to having cash solvency, according to George Mason University, which recently rated all states on how they should be able to meet their financial obligations.

Alabama motorists are in the 11th most dangerous state to drive in because of a “dangerous lack of basic safety laws, ” according to a report from Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety, a coalition of business and safety groups.

Alabama State University officials say investments that increased the school’s debt, a forensic audit and inquiries from an academic accreditation agency likely factored into a downgrade of the school’s bond ratings from Moody’s Investors Service. The rating went from A3 to Baa1.

Vintage Wine & Cigars, of Huntsville, has been named one of the plushest cigar lounges in the U.S. by 9cigars, a blog that features curated stories for cigar aficionados.

Alabama was among three states with steep one-month gains for construction jobs in December, posting a 2.6 percent jump representing 2, 000 jobs, according to the Labor Department.

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Text by Dave Helms

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