Protective Life Supports Inclusion Program at University of Alabama

The University of Alabama is launching the Diversity in Business Bridge Program in the Culverhouse College of Business, an initiative to help underrepresented students get a head start on finding a career path.

Protective Life Corp. is supporting the program, which will recruit about 25 high school juniors annually from underrepresented populations in Alabama via a summer residential experience and a college prep protocol. The students who decide to attend UA will be invited back for a second summer that will focus on easing their transition to college. In addition, scholarships, financial assistance and ongoing development support will be available for participants who choose to study business at UA.

“When we talk about making Culverhouse an inclusive and welcoming environment that prepares students to become innovators and leaders in business, we do so knowing that we have a team that helps make it so, a team that includes our faculty, staff and community and corporate partners,” said Kay Palan, Culverhouse dean. “This new aspect of our relationship with Protective Life will do much toward helping Bridge participants find success in their academic journey.”

The program will include professional development, an introduction to business areas and competency-building instruction in the areas of ethics and social responsibility, critical thinking and more.

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“This partnership is truly a win-win because our leaders will have the opportunity to grow and develop by providing mentorship to potential talent, and these students will gain support and development themselves,” said Rich Bielen, Protective president and CEO.

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