Zac Young portrait
Zac Young

Zac Young only recently graduated from Auburn University, but he came out of school as founder of his own company, Vulcan Line Tools.

The company – which provides utility workers with a pocket-sized gadget to test the sag, tension and temperature of power lines – was Young’s brainchild, but it really came into its own as Young worked out of Auburn University’s New Venture Accelerator, which provides office space and more to startup companies.

“If I could be here forever, then I probably would,” Young says about the accelerator. “I don’t know anyone else probably in the Southeast that has an office that’s this sweet in a building this awesome for free.”

In the podcast, Zac Young talks about inheriting his father’s entrepreneurial spirit, honing it at Auburn and looking toward the future of a company that has already been successful in competitions, including winning the Alabama Launchpad competition.

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