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Anna Buckalew

This week’s episode of the Business Alabama podcast features Anna Buckalew, president and CEO of the Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce. Buckalew covers a lot of territory with us, from embracing Montgomery’s past to touting the city’s future – specifically, its economic future.

Anna Buckalew has been with the Montgomery chamber for more than two decades, watching Alabama’s capital city transform itself as a tourist destination and become a major player when it comes to economic development in the state.

“There’s so much to talk about in terms of momentum in Montgomery,” she says. “And it’s in areas that people haven’t often thought of Montgomery, particularly in tech and innovation. … We’re starting to gain a lot of traction with the rest of the world recognizing that Montgomery, Alabama, has its own very unique blend of opportunities and amenities.”

Buckalew also discusses Montgomery capitalizing on its river, and she shares her favorite podcasts and TV series.

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