Lee Sentell, director of the Alabama Tourism Department.

Lee Sentell has been selling Alabama tourism destinations for nearly 20 years.

Appointed Alabama Tourism Department director by Gov. Bob Riley, whom he knew in his childhood as Bobby Riley, Sentell has continued on the job and now works under Gov. Kay Ivey, a friend of his from his Auburn University days.

Under Sentell’s leadership, tourism in Alabama has become a $26 billion industry, and no small part of that comes from people visiting civil rights landmarks in the state.

Sentell has captured those landmarks, with photos by Business Alabama contributor Art Meripol, in the new book, “The Official U.S. Civil Rights Trail.”

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On the podcast, Sentell talks about the surprising genesis of Alabama embracing its civil rights history, how Bernice King was instrumental in the civil rights book coming to fruition, and more.

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