Carmen Mays wants to help you leverage technology for your business.

Whether it’s as founder and CEO of Elevators, her incubator/think-tank/consulting firm in Birmingham, or in her role as a digital coach for Grow with Google, she wants to be sure you’re armed with the tools to make you as successful as you can be.

“Technology … enables people to live a different kind of life, a life that’s more fulfilling, that has more purpose, a life that can be more lucrative,” she says. “It also presents challenges … We have to talk about all of our communities having access to high-speed internet.”

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This is not a career path that Mays, armed with a degree in public administration, thought she’d take.

“I did not intend on becoming an entrepreneur,” she says. But that’s exactly what she did to push Birmingham’s innovation culture to be more creative and innovative.

And now, working with Google, she’s providing free seminars on the many tools that Google has to offer.

What Mays is doing with Elevators and what she is doing with Google have a common purpose.

“All I ever really wanted to do was to build something that made it easier for folks to work together and improve their own condition on their own terms,” she says.

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