Pecan therapy for Thanksgiving flight woes

Growers offer treats and sweeps for disconcerted travelers

Pecan growers help travelers make the best of difficult situations.

Pecan growers from 15 states, including Alabama, have partnered to provide a quick snack for travelers whose plans are disrupted. In addition, it is bringing the possibility of pleasant future travel to one traveler.

The American Pecan Council announced its “Pecanceled Flights Set Right” campaign just in time for Thanksgiving. It’s an appropriate time, the council says, because pecans are so often a part of families’ holiday tradition.

So, if your flight is delayed or canceled, the council, in partnership with Farmer’s Fridge, will have pecan pie bites available in select airports across the country — just a little something to help ease the frustration.

Moreover, those who encounter travel woes can enter a Pecan Council sweepstakes that will provide five years of first-class Thanksgiving flights for one traveler who misses this year’s family gathering due to travel troubles.

“As Thanksgiving experts, we know how important it is for loved ones to gather for quality turkey (and pecan) time. There’s a reason it’s the busiest travel week of the year,” said Alex Ott, executive director of the American Pecan Council. “While we cannot get your flight out on time, we’re bringing travelers a little taste of home as they await their treasured Thanksgiving meals and moments.”

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Alabama is one of the nation’s top 15 pecan growing states. Georgia leads the nation.

Some Thanksgiving dinner and travel facts from the council:

  • Nearly one in five Americans (19%) plan to fly somewhere for Thanksgiving.
  • More than one in five say they are worried about delays and cancellations.
  • Almost three in five Americans (62%) had to scale back Thanksgiving plans last year due to COVID-19.
  • The number one most missed Thanksgiving dish was homemade pie (13%), followed by turkey (12%) and stuffing/dressing (9%).
  • Two in five Americans (40%) believe pecan pie is a Thanksgiving staple.

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