Mobile Lands Two New Companies

Ren Seafood plans to move into the old Smith’s Bakery property along Interstate 65.

A Canadian logistics firm and a seafood processor attracted by great logistics have both announced plans to locate in Mobile.

Ray-Mont Logistics, based in Canada, plans to launch the first phase of a high-tech logistics park near the Port of Mobile, with plans to export 20,000 TEUs (20-foot equivalent units) of plastic resins and agricultural products to Asia and Latin America.

Ren Seafoods, part of Pennsylvania-based The Fishin’ Co., is the first to partner with the Port’s new cold storage facilities built and operated by MTC Logistics.

The Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce, which handles economic development for the city, announced the two projects this week.


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Ray-Mont Logistics plans a $19 million investment near the Port of Mobile, aligning with partners Alabama Export Railroad and Canadian National and APM Terminal operations at the port, to export plastic resins and agricultural goods. The firm expects to hire 50 workers in its first phase and to be in operation early in 2022.

Jonathan Hebert, vice president of finance and corporate development with Ray-Mont Logistics, said the new operation is “good commercial strategy. There is a great chemistry between our partners and the character of the terminal, with its vast infrastructure, will help us reach international destinations.”

Hebert added, “Our analysis based on projections and customer demand indicates that, at full capacity, the volume of additional TEUs moving through our site at the Port of Mobile could exceed five times what the first phase is expected to deliver.

Kate Luce, president and CEO of partner firm Alabama Export Railroad, said, “Along with our core partners Canadian National and Ray-Mont Logistics, APM Terminals and Port of Mobile, we believe this project represents the first step toward the establishment of a multicommodity logistics hub which will serve producers and global markets for decades to come.”

Local officials welcomed the news. “This announcement is a huge step for the future growth of container traffic in Mobile. This logistics hub will put previously vacant property into production to create jobs, add product diversity, and turn the intermodal flywheel at the Port of Mobile. Additionally, we are excited to welcome Ray-Mont Logistics to town and look forward to the continued success of this partnership,” said City of Mobile Mayor Sandy Stimpson.

“Ray-Mont’s new investment positions Alabama’s seaport into the fast growth resin market, while providing shippers a near-port gateway equipped with new ocean carriage services into key export markets” said Director and CEO of the Alabama State Port Authority John Driscoll.


Ren Seafoods is in contract talks to purchase the old Smith’s Bakery facility along Interstate 65 for its seafood work. And it has contracted as the first client of the new MTC Logistics cold storage facility.

“Most national seafood companies are concentrated in New England, Miami, Seattle, etc.,” said Ren Seafoods CEO Javier Infante. “We are creating a hub for seafood distribution covering the Southeast region.”

The firm, which handles 150 million pounds of seafood annually, plans to invest $12.4 million in its new site and to be operational by 2022.

Infante said his firm is following the path of MTC Logistics, which started work on a 300,000-square-foot cold storage facility in 2019. “We are following their path and its vicinity allows us to combine product deliveries to have a unique logistics operation. In addition, there is high-quality, local seafood in this region that we will be able to access for our customer base.”

Brooks Royster, vice president of international supply chain solutions for MTC Logistics, said Ren Seafoods is the first customer to come to Mobile to be near this facility. “It is further testament to Mobile being successful as a logistics hub and able to attract new international players.”

The announcement is welcome in Mobile, said Mobile County Commission President Merceria Ludgood. “To have MTC Logistics partner with this new seafood facility expands our growing footprint as a logistics hub and provides much needed support for an industry still rebounding from the Deepwater Horizon event.”

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