Milo’s Tea New Lineup Turns Over a New Leaf for Company

In the hot and muggy South, iced tea is equal parts hydration, tradition and religion. For many of the faithful, only Milo’s Tea will do.

Milo’s Tea Co., still family owned and based in Bessemer, is adding three new options to its original lineup of Milo’s Famous Sweet Tea, Unsweet Tea and No Calorie Sweet Tea. Milo’s Decaf Sweet Tea, Milo’s Lemonade and Milo’s Famous Sweet Tea and Lemonade are now available in multiple retail outlets.

“My grandparents, Milo and Bea Carlton, first introduced Milo’s Famous Sweet Tea to Birmingham in the 1940s, ” says Patricia Wallwork, CEO of Milo’s Tea Co. “We have listened to our consumers throughout the years and are proud to introduce three new beverages based on their feedback and our unwavering quality standards.”

Milo’s Decaf Sweet Tea is the most requested new addition to the Milo’s beverage lineup. During the company’s market tests, consumers were elated to find Milo’s available in Lemonade, a blend of fresh lemon juice and filtered water, sweetened with pure cane sugar.

“Our mission is to produce and market the highest quality teas and other natural beverages in the world, ” says Wallwork. “These three new beverages do just that by bringing additional refreshing, healthy Milo’s flavors to our loyal fans.”

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Text by Dave Helms

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