McCalla manufacturer produces EV chassis components

Mobis will provide chassis elements to Mercedes

The Mobis plant in Montgomery, long a supplier to Hyundai.

Mobis, which operates a production plant in McCalla, has been chosen to provide chassis elements for Mercedes-Benz electric vehicles.

The Korean firm describes its McCalla plant as a mixed-model production facility, providing chassis elements — steering, braking and suspension units — for four different electric SUVs.

Announcing its arrangement with Mercedes, Mobis — which is based in Seoul, South Korea — said, “Now the technology and quality control capability of Mobis are recognized by the most prestigious automotive brand worldwide.”

“We hope to maintain long-term partnerships with Mercedes-Benz AG,” said Mobis CEO Sung Hwan Cho. “We intend to increase trust with customers based on our excellent technical experience and stable supply capacity.”


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Mobis has been producing three types of modules since 1999 — cockpit-modules that include driver’s seat control systems, front-end modules that integrate the HVAC, lighting and bumper system, and chassis modules.

Ranked as the world’s sixth largest automotive supplier, the company has 28 module production sites — 8 in Korea and 20 overseas. It has technical centers in Germany, China, India and the United States.

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