Leadership change at MTM in Madison

Mukaida taking helm from founding president Aihara

Mitsunobu Mukaida has been named Mazda Toyota Manufacturing plant president.

Mazda Toyota Manufacturing has announced a change of leadership at its plant in Madison.

Founding Plant President Masashi Aihara, who took the helm of the new plant in 2018 as part of his 40-year career with Mazda Motor Corp., is stepping aside at the end of March.

Mazda veteran Mitsunobu Mukaida will become plant president.

Mazda shares a plant with Toyota, where Mazda CX-50 and Toyota Corolla Cross are made.

Mazda Toyota Manufacturing Founding President Masashi Aihara set to leave his position at the end of March.

“It has been a great challenge to start an automotive facility of this size from cotton fields, to where MTM is now,” Aihara said. “We received much support from the local governments, communities, suppliers, our team members and other stakeholders that has led to our success — two new lines, two shifts, producing two vehicles. My hope is to leave the same kind of positive impact on MTM and Alabama, that they have had on me and on my family over the past five years.”

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Mukaida has been with Mazda 35 years, most recently as executive officer in charge of global production. He has also served as CEO and president of Mazda Powertrain Manufacturing in Thailand.

“My mission at MTM as a joint venture plant is to further realize the synergy between Toyota and Mazda through their respective strengths, and to develop it as a ‘best in town’ facility that is loved by our team members and the local community,” said Mukaida. “I will continue to work with determination to put down roots in Huntsville.”

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