HC3 increases staff and print statement production

Expanded staff will help with increase in print and digital statements

HC3, a Birmingham-based firm that uses data-driven technology to provide statements for the financial services industry, has increased its year-over-year production of printed statements by 40%. The increase in print and digital statements is driven by organic growth and its acquisition of AutoMail and Document Output Center in Arkansas, which took place earlier in 2022.

“The growth of HC3 reflects our commitment to providing community banks and credit unions a responsive and forward-looking relationship,” said Lee Long, chief experience officer at HC3.

To meet the demands of the increased production, HC3 has increased its staff by 18% across the company’s locations in Birmingham, Jonesboro, Arkansas, Dallas, Texas and Indianapolis, Indiana.

“The past year has brought tremendous growth with the acquisition of AutoMail and DOC and increased solution capabilities,” said Griffin McGahey, president at HC3.

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HC3 has also appointed Jeremiah James to chief product officer and Bob Allen to chief technology officer. Other key hires this year include Jennifer Deaver, director of sales and partnerships; John Travis, director of marketing; Nathan O’Neal, director of data/composition; and Chad Chapman, director of quality assurance.

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