Alabama Gulf Seafood Shirts: Billy Reid Prepares T-Shirts

Alabama-based fashion designer Billy Reid once again is partnering with Alabama Gulf Seafood to create a special, three-design T-shirt series.

The series features images and words associated with fresh seafood and the Gulf. Shirts will retail for $56, and a portion of proceeds will benefit the Alabama Conservation and Natural Resources Foundation.

Reid first aligned with Alabama Gulf Seafood in 2012 to launch a T-shirt and hat series, which proved one of the most popular the company has ever done.

“It was easy to find inspiration from the culture and scenes of coastal Alabama for our first collaboration, ” Reid says. “I am more than happy to once again celebrate the coast’s Gulf seafood industry, as well as the people and natural resources that make Alabama’s seafood the best in the world.”

Reid has historically designed T-shirts to support various causes, such as Alabama tornado relief in 2011 and flood relief in the Nashville, Tennessee, area in 2010.

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“Billy Reid made such a huge impact on raising awareness for our campaign in 2012, and we are confident 2014 will be no different, ” says Chris Blankenship, program administrator for the Alabama Seafood Marketing Commission and director of Alabama Marine Resources. “We are grateful that he is continuing to lend his talents once again to elevate Alabama Gulf Seafood among his friends and fans.”

The shirts and other products can be purchased at

Text by Dave Helms

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