Entrepreneurs Keep Alabamians Moving

A rickety ping pong table sits inside the bedroom of an old college apartment. Two computers rest there, surrounded by clouds of paperwork that include customer orders, time sheets, reminders and scribbles of a few “earth-shattering” ideas.

This was the first office of moving company owners Will Forbes and Whit Mitchell, and while their first ideas didn’t turn out to be as earth-shattering as they planned, they do have nicer offices now.

As Auburn students, Forbes and Mitchell started their first moving company, Move Auburn, sitting together at that ping pong table. That was 2011, and at the time, the company didn’t have any full-time employees and focused solely on collegiate moving. Fast forward 10 years, and the two founders are the contracted moving and storage providers for Auburn University, have three additional markets within the state of Alabama, own/operate over 55,000 square feet of warehouse space and have grown revenue over 50 times the size of their first year.

Their brands (New Latitude, Move & Store and Admiral Movers) have become the most trusted moving brands in the state of Alabama in commercial, office and residential relocation services. Their brands provide everything from straight-forward apartment moves to high-end residential and technical office moves. They are also capable and certified to perform nationwide moving.

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“The past ten years have been a journey of understanding who we were (as owners), what was important to us and what should be important to our companies,” Will Forbes says. “We recognized early on that caring for our ‘people’ (our employees, customers and communities) always had to be our foremost concern. While we have been successful in buying moving companies and implementing measured innovation improvements, caring for our people has been the most important ingredient to our success.”

“In terms of our future, we are actively searching for moving companies and real estate to purchase and bring into our ecosystem. Do you know of any?” Forbes says with a laugh.

Forbes and Mitchell have firmly established their presence and future in Alabama and are eager to grow that presence. More information on their growth focus and family of brands can be found at waypointinvest.com.

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