EBSCO Information Services CEO Tim Collins to retire

He’ll leave June 30 after 40 years at the helm

Tim Collins has been at the helm of EBSCO Information Services for four decades.

Tim Collins, CEO of EBSCO Information Services for 40 years, will retire June 30.

“I will depart with much gratitude for the hard work and commitment of so many individuals, over so many years, that resulted in the company becoming what it is today,” Collins said. “I am deeply thankful for the customers who have supported us over the years with their patronage.”

EBSCO Industries CEO David Walker said the goal is to have a successor in place by July 1.

“We are incredibly appreciative to Tim for the leadership he provided to the business and for the contributions he has made to EBSCO’s success,” Walker said. “After 40 years of contributions to the business and the library information services industry, Tim will be difficult to replace. However, he leaves the business well-positioned for growth. We look forward to conducting our search and selection process for his successor and continuing to execute on our future growth opportunities.”

EBSCO Information Services, a provider of online research content and search technologies for various industries, is based in Birmingham.

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