Dynetics Hits Milestone on Quest to make NASA Human Landing

Courtesy of Dynetics

Huntsville-based Dynetics has submitted its proposal for Option A for a human landing system for NASA’s Artemis Program. Dynetics has also completed its continuation review, which allows NASA to assess the Dynetics team’s progress on hardware and software development and program plans.

NASA is expected to make its Option A selection early this year. Meanwhile, testing on the proposed system continues.

“Dynetics is currently performing tests of its main engines simultaneously at its propulsion test site and at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC), both in Huntsville,” the company said. “This collaboration uses Dynetics’ and NASA’s expertise in oxygen/methane propulsion at their facilities. These tests provide data on the performance and stability of the engines to improve final designs before qualification.”

Tests of Dynetics’ smaller reaction control system were conducted at the company facilities.

Other hardware and software testing is also in progress.

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“Our team is making great progress on our system design and analysis, hardware development, and testing. The incredible volume of technical data and outstanding products delivered to date speak to the power of the swift, yet rigorous, engineering approach with which the team has executed,” said Kim Doering, vice president of space systems at Dynetics. “We believe this body of work lays a solid foundation for our crew-centric, sustainable solution to become NASA’s choice for safe human transportation to and from the lunar surface.”

Dynetics leads a team of 25 participant firms, including Tuskegee University, United Launch Alliance and several others with a strong Alabama presence.

Last year, Dynetics was purchased by Leidos, but the subsidiary continues this work at its Huntsville location.

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