Drivers Bent to Do No Good

In April, we told you about research Volvo is doing to hack distracted drivers, using sensors to detect when drivers are too i-phone focused.

The nut of the problem is that, as St. Paul puts it, “What I would, that do I not.”

A recent survey by Nevada law firm Cogburn Law shows that 88 percent of drivers say they use cell phones while driving, and they also say they know it is dangerous.

The lawyers say their findings dovetail with the disturbing results of a 2018 study by the American Association of Automobiles, which found:

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  • 75 percent of drivers support laws against holding or talking on a phone while driving.
  • 8 percent support a law against reading, typing, or texting/emailing while driving.


  • 52.1 percent admitted to talking on a phone while driving.
  • 41.3 percent admitted to reading a text/email.
  • 32.1 percent admitted to typing a text/email

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