Debris Removal After Hurricane Sandy

When Hurricane Sandy hit the Eastern Seaboard last summer, New Jersey officials found cleanup expertise on another coast, bringing in Mobile County-based CrowderGulf LLC to help with debris removal.

Starting work in March, the company announced in late May that it had cleared the last of some 35, 000 cubic yards of debris from Ocean County’s Barnegat Bay, including not only white goods, cars and boats but also entire houses.

Next comes dredging shoals and sandbars in bays and navigation channels, says COO Ashley Ramsay-Naile.

“CrowderGulf has been involved in disaster recovery and debris removal for virtually every major U.S. storm since the company was formed in 1994, ” company officials say, adding that “many of the firm’s team members have been involved in storm recovery since Hurricane Camille hit the Gulf Coast region in 1969.”

Text by Nedra Bloom

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