Change in leadership at HudsonAlpha

Neil Lamb will take the helm as president

Neil Lamb

A change in leadership has gone into effect at HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology.

Starting today, Neil Lamb, Ph.D., former vice president for educational outreach, will transition to the role of president of the institute. Rick Myers, Ph.D., former president and science director, will now serve as chief scientific officer and president emeritus. Kelly East, former director of the Smith Family for Genomic Medicine, will become the vice president for educational outreach.

Lamb came to HudsonAlpha in 2006 and has led the institute’s educational outreach team from conception, creating innovative teacher training and toolkits, student experiences, public enrichment and digital resources that have reshaped how science education is now delivered. He also has served as a strategic internal advisor, helping to guide the institute’s growth. As president, he will now drive the strategic vision and lead day-to-day operations.

Rick Myers

Myers has been with HudsonAlpha since it opened its doors in 2008, service as president and science director since 2020. Myers came to HudsonAlpha from Stanford’s Human Genome Center, where he was major contributor to the Human Genome Project — the international research effort that sequenced the entire human genome. As chief scientific officer, Myers will focus on scientific discovery, achievement and momentum while providing support and guidance to Lamb.

Kelly East

East came to HudsonAlpha in 2008. She previously served as director of clinical education, as well as director of the institute’s Smith Family Clinic for Genomic Medicine, where she supported multiple mission areas to expand the application of genomics through research, education and patient care. She is a graduate of Auburn University and earned her master of science in genetic counseling at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro.  

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