CEO Paychecks

What do the CEOs of Alabama’s public companies get paid, and how does it compare to company performance? CEOs are ranked according to their total compensation. Figures reported here were taken from each public company’s proxy statement for fiscal 2017.*

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*Data for Infinity Property and Casualty Corp. is not reflected as the Proxy Statement related to the company’s merger with Chicago, Illinois-based Kemper Corp. and did not reflect compensation for officers of Infinity Property and Casualty Corp. (2) John Turner succeeded O.B. Grayson Hall Jr. as CEO of Regions Financial Corp. as of 7/2/2018, therefore data for fiscal 2017 pertains to Hall. (3) Compensation as a % of company loss is a % of a negative, shown as a negative %. (4) Robert W. Dumas was elected to succeed E.L. Spencer Jr. on Oct. 25, 2017.

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